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Message from the President

Hirobumi Takeuchi President and CEO
Hirobumi Takeuchi
President and CEO

The TMRC Co., Ltd. has been committed to responding the unmet medical needs of the cancer patients by continuously supplying the useful and efficient drugs since 2002. This enhances our corporate value and allows us to further strengthen our relationship with them. In order to achieve this need, it is important to focus on developing and marketing the anticancer-rerated drugs in the oncology area.

Today, the pharmaceutical companies in the world faces reduction of new drug development and 2010 year’s problem, however, as the TMRC Co., Ltd. has fortunately, proceeded TM-411business expansion in globally, we need to consider these to be a period on the strength and growth of our organization and products.

Even under the adverse circumstance of pharmaceutical industries, we must strive to assume our social responsibility to cancer patients. We will continue to contribute to the society and develop our products by focusing on oncology area: “Continuing to provide the best drugs to cancer patients through the combined force of our development with our efforts.”